10 things you may not know about travelling

Hey hey,

Before deciding to go into the travel industry there was alot I didn’t know. There is probably still heaps I don’t know but I thought I would do a quick blog to in lighten you all with top 10 things you may not know about the travel industry.

1. If you miss or choose not to go on one of your flights you may accidentally cancel the rest of your flight.

Listen to this…. if your flights are booked all on the on ticket and you decide not to take one of your flights it WILL cancel the rest of your ticket. If this happens to you and you Originally booked your flights through a travel agency they will do there best to help you. But realistically you will be paying for a whole new ticket. Ok I will give you an example…..

If you booked the following flights

Melbourne to Christchurch
Christchurch to Auckland
Auckland to Melbourne

Lets say you decided to not catch your flight from Christchurch to Auckland because you now want to drive. Because you didn’t fly on that flight your flight home to Melbourne would be null and void. You wouldn’t have a flight home.

My suggestion if you did decide when your over there that you don’t want to take that flight. Call your travel agent that you booked with the airline will charge a cancellations fee. Or if you booked online call the site or the airline directly.

2. If one of your transfers don’t show you can call your travel agent and get a refund.

This happened to me when I was in Scotland. I was fuming and had to catch a taxi to my hotel. I actually didn’t think any thing of it until it happened to my friend and she called up and got refunded because it was the transfers companies error.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, ocean, sky, bridge and outdoor

Photo: Little old me in freezing San Francisco

3. If you have travel insurance and your phone gets stolen you must get a police report or they wont pay out your claim.

This is a general rule with all insurance companies. This gives them proof that the event happened and your not trying to scam them. If this does happen make sure you go down to the local police station so you can submit a claim back through your insurance company.

4. All american airlines over book there flights. Pre book your seats in advance otherwise you may get bumped to the next flight.

This happens every day. All american carriers do it. If you prebook your seats its less likely to happen to you. If you book through a travel agent they can book your seats as soon as you book your flights. Otherwise 24 hours before you can jump online to preselected your seats.

5. If your travelling through Africa with your Children your will need there birth certificate.

This is due to the amount of people trafficking children through these areas. This is a non negotiable. They will not let you in if you don’t have one.

6. You could be denied boarding for the following reasons
– your name is spelled differently on your ticket to your passport
– your passport does not have 6 months validity to when you get back into your country
РYou do not have a visa for the destination  (if you need one)

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and water

Photo: I took this at 8pm at night… Guess where

7. Some travel agency have a 24 hour emergency assist lines.

This helps for any messy situation that you may find yourself in while you travel. Most website have a 9-5 call centre.

8. If you a book through a travel agency and then call the airline the travel agency cant touch your booking or help you with your trip anymore.

Some people call the airline direct to add there frequent flyer numbers or change your seats. Once you do this the travel agent looses control over your booking. So if you have to change your booking it will be you who will be on the phone with the airline for hours instead of tour travel agent.

10. Booking online may not be cheaper than a travel agent most website charge a service fee some up to 100.

Most websites will make it look like you are getting cheap flights until you pull it over to the finally screen and they smash on a fee. For example webjet add a $60 service fee when you book.

I hope my little tips have shed some light how complicated the travel industry can be.

Please feel free to ask any questions.


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