Tips to save you money for traveling

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I hope you all had a great weekend and aren’t struggling too much because its only Tuesday. So let’s face it no one wants to pay more than they have to on there holiday. But yet so many people do. I hear so many people say I brought my flights and they went on sale I could of saved $200. Or I had to change the date of my flight and it cost me and arm and a leg. Travelling can be expensive at the best of times. But we have put together a few tips to help you save cash on your adventures.

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             Photo: My trip to New York

1. Purchase travel insurance

This may seam like a strange tip. But stay with me. Travel insurance can actually save you money in the long run. Different insurance companies cover different things but today I will use the company ‘Covermore’ which I have used before as an example. Alot of people see travel insurance as an unnecessary expenses before they purchase it but the most logically reason to get travel insurance is you never know what is going to happen when you leave the country. You could get sick and have to cancel your trip, You could get robbed while your over there, there could be a death in the family and you might not be able to travel. You could sit on your raybens glasses in the plane and break them, You may need to go to hospital or doctors while over seas. The airline looses your luggage for days and you only have what is in your hand luggage. All these worst case scenario you have provision to claim back through insurance.  Lets chat about how insurance can save you some coin in the long run…..

– you get a free global SIM card with great international rates. This means for you that you won’t need to purchase a SIM card or pay outrageous international prices.

– 24 hour emergency assist line. Which means for you you won’t have to spend your time ringing the suppliers, websites or airlines that you booked and spending hours on hold with them you can give Covermore a direct call and they can help you night or day where ever you are in the world.

 – If you have to cancel your trip for any unexpected reason – you will have provision to claim what your trip has cost you so far. This will make sure your getting your money refunded to you. Trying to do this without travel insurance is hard.

– If a volcano happens when your suppose to be flying to Bali and you planes aren’t flying you will have provision to claim what your trip has cost you so far. tying to do this without travel insurance is hard.

– if your luggage gets lost or stolen while you are away. They will give you money to spend until your luggage gets returned to you…. Free Shopping! This will save You money and you won’t have to dip into your own pocket to replace those items.

– If your phone, iPad, laptop gets lost or stolen. You can claim how much it cost you to purchase this item through insurance. This will save You money and you won’t have to dip into your own pocket to replace those items.

– If a family member gets sick while your away and you have to come home unexpectedly. You can claim through Covermore and could fly you home for free.

– If you have to go to the doctor or dentist for any particular reason you can claim what you spend through inusrance

– Hospital visits. This is a big one. If you have to go to hospital for any reason you have provision to claim through Covermore. The team at Covermore will also consulate with your doctors until you are better. If you are really sick they fly your family over to see you overseas. I think this is a particular important point. A lot of hospital covers can be quite expensive overseas. Especially when you are visiting the States.

– if you broke your leg while on your trip and have to come home. Covermore could fly you home business class so you could have your leg lying flat.

We know insurance can be a boring subject but insurance is really protection your investment (your trip), your money and your self.

Image may contain: plant, sky, tree, skyscraper, outdoor and nature

        Photo: I took this in Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

2. Hunt around for the best price then take it in to Flight Centre they will beat it for you. (Also is that the flight you want or do you just like the price. Some cheap flights may have an 3 x 8 hour stops before you get there. Ask the travel agents for the most direct flight for the cheapest price then decide)

3. Travel agents also get great package rates for destination for Bali, Thailand, NZ, Fiji ski packages. Travel agents sell alot of travel. I know this comes as no surprise to you me saying this. But that means they have a lot of buying power and generally can get wholesale airfares or accommodation prices. And can sales that the general public cant.

4.Buy your flights accommodation or tour at a travel expo

This is when the best deals for the year are out. Flights are instant purchase but all other items such as accommodation and tours you can pay off.

5 Or buy your flights when they are first released.

When flights are just released this is the best price you can get. It is very rare that the price will be cheaper than this price. Flight time tables and prices are brought out 10 months in advantage. This is usually the cheapest time to buy.

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            Photo: I took  this piccy in Koh Samui

6. Don’t just look for the cheapest accommodation.

Some accommodation options might be out in the sticks. My must haves for accom is – safe location, walking distance to attractions, air con, own toilet and a decent star rating. I know not everyone stays in hotels. Some people prefer hostels, air bnb or couch surfing, or the good old pash and dash. But when you are searching for accommodation. Look at reviews, check out where your accommodation is located on the map. Are you near a train station if your staying out of town? This will really narrow down your search and you can find the cheapest accom of what u want. If you pay a little more for a central accommodation you won’t spend your money on taxis, buses or trains while your there trying to get around.

7. Sign up for the frequent flyer card of the airline

Most of the frequent flyer programs are free to join. You can accumulate points and use the For free flights, airlines are more likely to upgrade you if you are a Member with them and your less likely to get bumped from the flight if the airline has overbooked.

8. Get breakfast included in your hotel

This way you can save $ when you are there on food. And if you want to be sneaky like me I grab an apple or something off the breakfast buffet for a snack during the day.

9. Instant purchase rates can be cheaper than paying your holiday off

Sometimes paying for your hotel straight away instead of paying it off can be cheaper. Some hotels have cheap Instant purchase rates and other rates (more expensive) if you would like to pay it off. If your not sure if the hotel has it just have a chat with your travel agent. Most hotels online will be instant purchase rates but may not be the cheapest.

10. Interest Free Holidays.

Some travel agents now have ways that you can pay off your holiday interest free over a 6, 9 or 12 month period at a certain amount a week.

Until next time Sarah


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